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Instructions on how to set up a Chromebook, create a Google account and get started using a Chromebook.

In addition, check out these how-to videos to learn about Chromebook accessibility features, the Google Play Store, G-Suite and Google Drive, data protection and privacy, video conferencing and more. 

Albertina Kerr

Mission: Kerr empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, and other social barriers to lead self-determined lives and reach their full potential.

Vision: All people thrive in nurturing and inclusive communities.

Values: The values of our expert caregivers remain constant: compassion, commitment, collaboration, and advocacy


Kerr provides services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), mental health challenges, and other social barriers by:


Rehabilitation & Athletic Performance Intersecting Disability (RAPID)

RAPID’s mission is to help people with disabilities and Veterans with disabilities accept,  embrace, thrive and  succeed in reaching their health, wellness and athletic performance goals. We do this by providing a top-tier, all-inclusive health, rehabilitation and social services program that focuses on life-long growth in a supportive environment.


INCIGHT is a nonprofit organization with a mission to unlock the potential of people through employment, education and independence. INCIGHT serves individuals living with barriers, people with disabilities, single parents, veterans, welfare recipients, and justice involved.

Three areas of priority:

EDUCATION: Helping Students & Educators Reach their Unlimited Potential. INCIGHT's education services include: 

The Arc of Multnomah County


The Arc of Multnomah-Clackamas provides advocacy, support, and services to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities [I/DD] and their families.


Our vision is that people with all levels of ability have and embrace the opportunity to work, have relationships, contribute to their communities, and live life to the fullest.


Our values are those of equal opportunity:


The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon (ACLU of Oregon) is an advocacy organization dedicated to defending and advancing civil liberties and civil rights through work in the courts, in the legislature, and in communities. We fight for free speech, racial justice, criminal justice reform, religious liberty, reproductive rights, LGBT rights, immigrants' rights, and more.

Construct Foundation

Construct’s coaches, design challenges, and workshops with teachers, students and school leaders train you to think differently, to dive in to real-world problems, and connect to local companies and community organizations for cross-sector engagement.

Catholic Charities of Oregon

Catholic Charities of Oregon has been a trusted ally of the most poor and marginalized, and a leader in finding innovative solutions to poverty and injustice. We are proud to serve all God’s Children as the Official Domestic Relief Agency of the Catholic Church in Oregon. Our mission is to assure that essential, life-saving services and supports are accessible to the most vulnerable Oregonians.